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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
11:30 pm
With the aid of an advance copy of fiannaharpar's menu for Saturday and USDA Home and Garden Bulletin 72: Nutritive Value of Foods, I've assembled approximate point counts for a number of the sideboard dishes. Note that despite the fondness of HG72 for extreme accuracy, this is more art than science, and numbers are at best approximate.

And, of course, none of this is officially sanctioned by Weight Watchers, owners of the Winning Points trademark.

Disclaimers out of the way, on to the numbers. In most cases, I give the numbers as (cal / fat / fiber / points) for the entire recipie as redacted, then something closer to one serving.

von Pasteden - whole pie: 2325 / 137 / 3 / 58 - 1/8 of a pie: 290 / 17 / 0.375 / 7

Pork Sausage - two links of commercial pork sausage (~4" x 7/8" uncooked): 96 / 8 / 0 / 2.5

Green Field Salad - assuming the dressing is just unadulterated juice in small quanties, effectively free

Genueser Torte - two whole pies: 3222 / 192 / 26 / 75 - 1/8 of a pie: 201 / 12 / 1.6 / 4.5

Rote Ruben - whole recipie: 478 / 0 / 0.4 / 9.5 - 1/8 of recipie: 60 / 0 / 0 / 1

Stuffed Chicken Wings - One 2.6 oz drumstick and 1/4 cup parsnips: 107 / 3.55 / trace / 2.5
oddly, HG72 doesn't list (not buffalo) chicken wings, and the recipie is vague about how much parsnip, so this is a complete swag.

Epffel Turten - whole pie: 1684 / 92 / 33 / 35 - 1/8 of a pie: 210 / 11 / 4 / 4.5

Sauerkraut w/Cooked Chicken - whole recipie: 1113 / 36 / 5.6 / 24.5 - 1/6 of recipie (N.B. not 1/8): 185.5 / 6 / 1 / 4
Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
10:55 am
Because i'm sick, sick, sick of being the little fat girl
Okay, this has been silent for too freakin' long. Where is everyone?

Challenge for the rest of the week:

Walk at least 700 steps a day.

and someone else has to post a second half to that challenge.

Who's with me?

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Monday, June 30th, 2003
1:25 pm
Since we have the holiday on friday, and I have been feeling under enthused lately, I propose a challenge...

Sunday-Saturday Challenge.

Standard 90 min of Aerobic excercise, (there should be 20 min of something that will help with endurance.)

upgrade options (AKA SuperSize It!) (Mix and Match!):
A: record the amount of walking.
B: add in weight training.
C: Try something new! (or re-try something that you couldn't do before)

What are you going to reward yourself with?

Sunday, 3 hours walking at the zoo.
Monday, 25 min aerobic, 15 min weightlifting

personal aside, Attempt to consume no more than 1800 cal/day, drink more water.

Charlotte's reward: a Guiltless 4th of July.

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
10:22 am
Challenge Check-in
entry for this morning's workout

from 301 in the beginning of April, down to 291 today. (well, and last week and the week before.. but I have to keep reminding myself that there were weddings and stuff thrown in there.)

So, my body seems to really want me to consume about 1800 cal a day. or at least that is the "Satiation Point" where my brain actually flipps the okay switch.
I am thinking I should try and scale it down again, Earlier there was a greater variation of intake. I would progressively control it more and more over the course of the week, I would have a 1500 cal day, and the next day ended up being 2100 or so. then tapered down from there.


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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
2:49 pm
Tacuinum Challenge
OK, I got the 90 minutes of aerobic exercise and the water is never a problem (64 oz is a minimum). Unfortunately, the lovely $26 pedometer I bought at Dick's doesn't work! My walk from Liberty and 10th to Penn and Stanwix this morning was only 87 steps, but my walk from my desk to the elevator was 60. A co-worker is looking for the el cheapo freebies we got from work to replace the one I lost. In the meantime, I should really know better than to throw out receipts immediately.

Do we have another challenge for June 11-17? I'm going to try for 90 minutes of aerobic activity again, but don't know what to gauge for a walking goal.

Also, how do other people plan to handle the all-day sideboard at the Academy? Help!!
9:35 am
90 min. challenge
reward carrot: when I go shopping this weekend, I am allowed to get something that is less practical than usual.
(have to remember to pick up a pedometer...)

week so far:
aerobic activity: 20 min
weight training: 15 min

water consumption, likely about 64oz, since I drank ~20 oz at my desk, water at lunch, and had wicked spicy food for dinner, so the glass kept getting refilled.

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9:02 am
most of you know me, some do not.
one might call me a 'fringe element'....

anyway, I am not specifically in the demographic of this group, with the exception of working on losing weight.

not in SCA, but can appreciate it, not in WW but can appreciate that too.
Dude, there is only so much time in the day, and I am not going to spend it all in meetings.... : )


and hey, anything that hasfiannaharpar, [Bad username: tangerinepenguin] andrani23 in it can't be bad, can it?

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
1:52 pm
Roly Poly
The Roly Poly in the local food court has just published caloric information and WW points for all of their sandwiches. There is a big laminated poster on their counter.

What fascinated me is the difference between the white tortilla and the whole-wheat - 2 points! (This translates to 90 calories and 7 grams of fat.) Personally, I can't taste a big difference, so this is a bonus for me. One of my favorites, the 'Peking Chicken' wrap, comes down to 2 points with a whole-wheat tortilla. Volume eating: a whole Peking Chicken wrap, and some baked chips totals 6 points. That's a lot of food.
11:01 am
Challenge for the week of June 9th
Okay, it's another 90 minute challenge, but with a twist...

90 minutes of workout time in the next week, at least 60 of which needs to be aerobic.
Also, target yourself to consume at *least* 64oz of water every day.

The Twist - for those who can, use a pedometer to measure how far you actually walk on a daily basis and post your totals here. This walking does *not* count into your exercise time.

Don't forget to name your prize to yourself for completing this challenge.

In my case, the prize is to purchase a block of bellydancing lessons, rather than paying only by class.

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
3:23 pm
Okay, folks, we are being not motivated (including me). Do we maybe need a challenge for next week?

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Monday, May 5th, 2003
3:18 pm
Hi all I was just turned on to this community by Fianna.

I recognize most of the names on this list but still, Im Muirgheal from Southern Atlantia. I joined Ediets in August to try and get off some of the weight I have been hauling around since I had my son . . . 5 years ago. I did real well and had lost 15 lbs by my HS reunion which was in November. I totally slacked off during the holidays and meant to get back on track before spring .. but didnt.

My main SCA interests are Costuming, casting and retaining. I have been playing since 1996. I want to get healthy, loose weight and still eat Savory Toasted Cheese and Darioles . . .

Anyways, Hi All!

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Friday, May 2nd, 2003
3:13 pm
So, what is a "manurning libido", and how do you cure it?
See also the really cool Brumfiel, Geoff, The Inevitable Fate in the Sept. 2001 issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine.
3:13 pm
3:34 pm
Sunday, April 27th, 2003
4:06 am
My exercise program, documented!
Nature: To move the feet and the body in rhythm with the music.
Optimum: When there is a strict correlation between the music and the movements of the body.
Usefulness: By participating, looking on, or listening with joy and accord.
Dangers: When the accord among the musical notes is lost.
Neutralization of the Dangers: When the accord among the musical notes is restored.

[The Tacuinum of Liege on "Sonare et Balare" (music and dance), f. 64v, as quoted in The Medieval Health Handbook: Tacuinum Sanitatis, by Luisa Cogliati Arano, translated and adapted to English by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook.]

Note that this officially supports only doing Pump It Up numbers that actually look like they match the music, rather than some of the really sick upper-level Hard and Crazy songs that involve just moving as fast as possible while nearly arbitrary music plays.

It also assigns usefulness to watching someone else, so I do get exercise just standing there watching the really good guys making me look like a rank amature.

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
3:18 pm
Ideas for uping your metabolism.
I bought Runner's World the other day -- great running magazine. They had some excellent ideas on how to increase your metabolism. All of this stuff I've seen elsewhere but it was in a nice all-in-one-format so I thought I'd share their ideas (and my opinions).

1. Drink green tea. Green tea contains phytochemicals (ECGC) which some researches believe can boost your metabolism. My opinion on this (MOOT): can't hurt. I drink too much coffee anyways.

2. Spice things up. Capsicin (which can be found in jalepeno peppers) increases the amount of calories burnt during digestion. MOOT: No thanks. I hate hot-spicy food and digestion counts for less than 5% of your caloric use every day.

3. Eat protein at every meal. Your digestion system works harder to break down protein. MOOT: Well, the science there is interesting -- but really, you should eat protein at every meal because protein "stays" with you longer and keeps you from feeling hungry.

4. Eat fish and flax. Omega-3 fatty acids (which is found in fish and flax seeds) send signals to your brain that you're full. MOOT: It's found in tuna -- which now come in tasty packets rather than those evil tin cans. And I've been wanting to do flax seeds for a while.

5. Switch to healthy fats. Switching from saturated fats (butter) to unsaturated fats (canola oil) increases caloric burn. MOOT: Saturated fats=BAD. BAD BAD BAD. Don't eat the donut. Trust me on this one. They cause all sorts of bad news: cancer, heart problems, etc. Cut out as much saturated fat out of your diet as you can.

6. Eat more dairy. Diets that include lots of calcium (1000 to 1300 mg) result in more weight loss than those that don't. When you eat more calcium, your body prefers to break down and use more fats. MOOT: more calcium is a good idea. Makes for stronger bones. Drink skim milk or try that fortified orange juice.

7. Eat regularly. Eating regularly keeps you from "starvation mode." MOOT: And it keeps me from binging like a mad woman.

8. Eat more. Okay, they talk about how eating just a bit more calories per day (about 200) will keep your body from adapting to a slower metabolism. MOOT: This is crazy talk or not for people that have weight they need to lose.

9. Run harder. They talk about increasing your intensity rather than increasing your time on the treadmill. MOOT: Good idea. Increasing your intensity can really rev your weightloss. One of the best ways to do that is interval training: go slow for 1 minute, then fast for one minute, then slow, then fast.

10. Lift weights. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. MOOT: Yup. Can't agree enough with this one. Go lift weights! :)
9:33 am
Exercise challenge update
Good morning!

So far this week, my cardio has been:

Monday: Treadmill: 20 minutes, 1.5 miles
Tuesday: Treadmill: 25 minutes, 2.0 miles
Elliptical Machine: 20 minutes

My current weekly total is: 65 minutes.

How are you doing?

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Friday, April 11th, 2003
11:40 am
Crossposted from another diet/exercise group i'm on...
So, I was talking to matsujo9 and she needed a kick in the butt, as do I, so how about a challenge?

The challenge is to do a minimum of 90 minutes of actual exercise time between Monday and Friday of next week. Anyone on board for this?

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