Gail Lefkowitz (lefkowitzga) wrote in tacuinum,
Gail Lefkowitz

Tacuinum Challenge

OK, I got the 90 minutes of aerobic exercise and the water is never a problem (64 oz is a minimum). Unfortunately, the lovely $26 pedometer I bought at Dick's doesn't work! My walk from Liberty and 10th to Penn and Stanwix this morning was only 87 steps, but my walk from my desk to the elevator was 60. A co-worker is looking for the el cheapo freebies we got from work to replace the one I lost. In the meantime, I should really know better than to throw out receipts immediately.

Do we have another challenge for June 11-17? I'm going to try for 90 minutes of aerobic activity again, but don't know what to gauge for a walking goal.

Also, how do other people plan to handle the all-day sideboard at the Academy? Help!!
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