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Ideas for uping your metabolism.

I bought Runner's World the other day -- great running magazine. They had some excellent ideas on how to increase your metabolism. All of this stuff I've seen elsewhere but it was in a nice all-in-one-format so I thought I'd share their ideas (and my opinions).

1. Drink green tea. Green tea contains phytochemicals (ECGC) which some researches believe can boost your metabolism. My opinion on this (MOOT): can't hurt. I drink too much coffee anyways.

2. Spice things up. Capsicin (which can be found in jalepeno peppers) increases the amount of calories burnt during digestion. MOOT: No thanks. I hate hot-spicy food and digestion counts for less than 5% of your caloric use every day.

3. Eat protein at every meal. Your digestion system works harder to break down protein. MOOT: Well, the science there is interesting -- but really, you should eat protein at every meal because protein "stays" with you longer and keeps you from feeling hungry.

4. Eat fish and flax. Omega-3 fatty acids (which is found in fish and flax seeds) send signals to your brain that you're full. MOOT: It's found in tuna -- which now come in tasty packets rather than those evil tin cans. And I've been wanting to do flax seeds for a while.

5. Switch to healthy fats. Switching from saturated fats (butter) to unsaturated fats (canola oil) increases caloric burn. MOOT: Saturated fats=BAD. BAD BAD BAD. Don't eat the donut. Trust me on this one. They cause all sorts of bad news: cancer, heart problems, etc. Cut out as much saturated fat out of your diet as you can.

6. Eat more dairy. Diets that include lots of calcium (1000 to 1300 mg) result in more weight loss than those that don't. When you eat more calcium, your body prefers to break down and use more fats. MOOT: more calcium is a good idea. Makes for stronger bones. Drink skim milk or try that fortified orange juice.

7. Eat regularly. Eating regularly keeps you from "starvation mode." MOOT: And it keeps me from binging like a mad woman.

8. Eat more. Okay, they talk about how eating just a bit more calories per day (about 200) will keep your body from adapting to a slower metabolism. MOOT: This is crazy talk or not for people that have weight they need to lose.

9. Run harder. They talk about increasing your intensity rather than increasing your time on the treadmill. MOOT: Good idea. Increasing your intensity can really rev your weightloss. One of the best ways to do that is interval training: go slow for 1 minute, then fast for one minute, then slow, then fast.

10. Lift weights. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. MOOT: Yup. Can't agree enough with this one. Go lift weights! :)
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